Every Moment is a Memory

Every Moment is a Memory


Barzel's mission is to offer unique and innovative designs as well as premium customer service. Barzel guarantees that every product that you purchase is to be free of defects. 

Our Story

In 1999 founder Marcus Y. Goodman  felt as if the company has reached a capacity in the wholesale jewelry industry. Anticipating that the major retailers The Silver Corporation had built itself on were rapidly growing and taking their orders directly to factories in the Orient. Change was Impeccable. Traveling the globe searching for new opportunities The Silver CEO and President Joseph Samson found himself joining forces with Brazilian native businessmen looking to sell shares in his family owned jewelry factory. With aspirations to create an a-z line of operations, and after months of traveling back and forth to Brazil, the decision has been made by the founders, to acquire the factory and its operations. Leading to the birth Barzel. A more economical brand in the fine jewelry world, now manufacturing and doing business under the name SGS International Inc.


25 years later together with a team of over 150 workers in South America and 50 employees in our headquarters in New York City and in Brooklyn, we continue to pride ourselves with providing the best quality merchandise at the best price. We continue to work hard in finding the best quality product from all across the globe such as Italy, Brazil, Thailand, PRC, and  the USA. We look forward to extending our relationships with our clients across the globe and continue to exceed in our passion for customer assistance in helping you help your business grow together with us.


Our Motivation

Our product is made with intricate quality and complex crafting skills made in Brazil. We are able to control our quality with immaculate precision machines. Our targets are the high end customer looking to save the expense of traveling and sourcing directly.


We plate all our jewelry with 18k gold and guarantee 8 microns per square inch that’s 300% more than the federal Trade Commission standards for gold plating. This ensures our customer will receive exceptional quality and that the color, or gold content would Last. Included on most of our products is a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Contact Us

185 Sumner Avenue 

Kenilworth NJ 07033


Tel: 212-239-3655

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